Friday 09/12/05

Dark morning, lights had to be on until 10 o'clock. It's cloudy with a steady drizzle on a fair old breeze. Quite mild, temperature is reported at 11C. Muirneag is nice and late (9 a.m.). Mrs B's sister has had to go into hospital, which is bad news. Her family have not had very good experiences there. Explore the phenomenon of Google Earth, which is fascinating. Go out for a bit of shopping at 3 pm, by which time darkness is falling. Mrs B serves a pasta-bake, very good. Two of her grandchildren are in for the evening, so we play a game of roulette. Sky Television (the satellite TV provider) has a channel which shows 24/7 roulette. People are given 3 minutes to ring in with their bets, which amount to £1,100. Winnings are announced immediately afterwards, and mount up to just over £1,100.

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