Tuesday 06/12/05

Glorious sunrise at 8.57 this morning. Sunset this afternoon at 3.38 pm. A shuttlebus service is to be introduced this coming Saturday in Stornoway. It runs from the Council Offices in Sandwick Road round to Scotland Street, Cromwell Street, North- and South Beach Street to An Lanntair. Huge distances, aren't they. Everyone, you see, comes into town in their cars. There is insufficient parking space in the town. But people seem to be incapable of walking these days. Sun appears from behind the powerstation at 9.15. Cloud looks suspicious, and I hear that a shower passed over Back and Point at 11 o'clock. Mrs B's relatives come for coffee. After lunch, I head into town to buy a CD by Donnie Munro, a former Runrig bandmember. Not bad at all. It's pretty busy in the town, but I have nothing else to do there, apart from getting myself a meal. Which was not needed because a supper was prepared for me. It consisted of haddock in parsley sauce, with boiled potatoes. The evening concludes in a musical fashion.

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