Thursday 15/12/05

Notice that a lot of people come to see my webcam, and therefore an increase in traffic to my webpages on AOL Hometown as well. Drizzle commences at lunchtime, and visibility gets very poor. It rains very heavily at 4 pm, but the rain subsides later that evening. The weekly papers demonstrate the concerns raised as a result of the fire in Hertfordshire. There are investigations afoot to relocate the depot to Arnish, not just the oiltanks at James Street, but also the gasholder near Seaforth Road, which apparently stymies further development in that area. The rows about the Western Isles Health Board continue apace in the columns of the Gazette and the Free Press. This weeks ding-dong concerns the retirement of one of psychiatrists as of December 6th. No replacement has been found for him as yet, although he announced his intended retirement and associated resignation as early as July. The Board defends its lack of action by stating that an intention to retire does not constitute a formal letter of resignation. Eh? The bullying and harassment claims continue as well, with one of the medical directors threatening that further such complaints could lead to the abolition of NHS Western Isles. If that isn't bullying, then I don't know what is. By midnight, I find that 25 people have visited my webpages, most of it a spin-off of the webcam.

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