Saturday 17/12/05

Bright but cold morning, with a thin layer of snow on the walls. The webcam was not transmitting overnight, due to a software problem. A couple of snowshowers pass by which show up very nicely. The young lady from yesterday has now been joined by her boyfriend. They intend to stay in the hostel on Berneray (North Uist). They leave at 10.30. Muirneag comes in very late, at 10.50. Discover a list of ships that have been held in detention at various UK ports last months. Reasons were technical deficiencies (see previous entry). The showers cease around lunchtime. The sun sets in a blaze of colours at 3.34. We're nearly at the nadir of the year, as sunset is now at 9.10 a.m.. Go to Somerfields, which is awash with Christmas shoppers. Unfortunately, the amount of booze going out is as great as ever. Have a hoot of a time reading the very tongue-in-cheek entries on the Lewis Islandblog. More serious reactions to my account of the problems in NHS Western Isles. Spend the evening in amicable chat with mrs B.

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