Wednesday 14/12/05

After another dark start (what do you expect, it's mid December), I head into town for a few items of shopping. First of all, I go to Delansa for a webcam. It's a minute thing, 3 x 1 x 1 cm, with a clip for attaching to anything. Only £13. I have to go back for an extension cable, but it works fine. It's a grey and overcast day, but dry and quite mild. Work my way round Somerfields, also for a few items for mrs B. I spend the afternoon looking for a website to take the stream from the webcam and sorting out a few initial gremlins. Post on blogs about the oil depot at the corner of James Street and Shell Street (Island Blog and the Visit Hebrides discussion board). This in relation to the incident in Hertfordshire. Keep the webcam running through the hours of darkness. It shows the CG station, the beacon and Arnish Lighthouse. Not to mention the flow of traffic along the road. Discover other people's webcams, which gives a strange sensation. You're looking into people's rooms, see places where you never expect to go. In the UK, Germany, Mexico (ahem) and USA.

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