Friday 16/12/05

A different start to the day - bright and sunny. It's bitterly cold, only 2C. Shetland and the east coast of Scotland are having heavy snowshowers. We get some flurries at 10.15. We have a guest in, a young lady who is in for business. She visited the McKenzie Harris Tweed Mill at Oliver's Brae yesterday, and will be joined by her boyfriend tonight. I filled her in on a few pieces of island history. Missed the brightest and highest full moon in 18 years last night because it was cloudy. Today it's very cold outside with a bitter wind. The odd sleet shower comes by. Continue to have a look at the webcam, which attracts a lot of interest. Several hundred people come to have a look, even after nightfall. You only see the streetlights and the lights in the Coastguard Station then. Get in touch with some acquaintances on Eigg, whom I update on state of affairs my end. Close the evening with a dram with mrs B.

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