Ships in detention

The British Maritime and Coastguard Agency MCA publishes a monthly list of ships that were detained following inspections in UK ports. You get some horror stories there. November's list of 10 detentions is as below. For the full report, click on this link



Date & Place of detention: 03/11/2005, Falmouth
Vessel Name: GALINA (General Cargo) 257 GT
IMO No: 7630385
Flag: Georgia
Company: A. M. Yagur
Classification Society: INCLAMAR
Summary: Still under detention at the end of November. 7 recorded deficiencies (4 detainable). Detained for auxiliary engines and associated systems being in variously unsafe, defective and unreliable; other machinery and electrical devices and systems being similarly unreliable or unsafe; health, hygene and sanitary conditions a risk to crew; loose floor plates and other accident hazards on board.

Date & Place of detention: 10/11/05, Newport
Vessel Name: AGIOS NECTARIOS (Bulk Carrier) 14331 GT
IMO No: 8109929
Flag: Panama
Company: Pitousa Shipping
Classification Society: Germanischer Lloyd - GL
Summary: Detained for 5 days in total. 32 recorded deficiencies (6 detainable). Detained for substandard port & starboard lifeboat launching appliances, deficient lifejackets, substandard fire drill and three major ISM non-conformities.

Date & Place of detention: 14/11/05, Newport
Vessel Name: NEW WAVE (Bulk Carrier) 23207 GT
IMO No: 8307222
Flag: Panama
Company: Transmar Shipping Co.
Classification Society: American Bueau of Shipping - ABS
Summary: Detained for 4 days in total. 10 recorded deficiencies (1 detainable). Detained for ISM non-compliance (fire drill and abandon ship drill).

Date & Place of detention: 17/11/05, Grimsby
Vessel Name: VIDYAEVO (General Cargo) 671 GT
IMO No: 7427128
Flag: Russia
Company: Cfzarya
Classification Society: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping - RMRS
Summary: Detained for 2 days in total. 1 recorded deficiency (detainable). Detained for inoperative satellite EPIRB

Date & Place of detention: 22/11/05, Newport
Vessel Name: MV JUMBO (Other Cargo) 1998 GT
IMO No: 8518297
Flag: Bahamas
Company: Wilson Ship Management
Classification Society: Lloyds Register - LR
Summary: Detained for 4 days in total. 23 recorded deficiencies (7 detainable). Detained for emergency preparedness, resource & personnel, master & responsible authority and safety & environmental policy not being in accordance with the Safety Management System, fire drill showing lack of control, as well as the VHF and MF/HF radio installations not being as required.

Date & Place of detention: 30/11/2005 – Portsmouth
Vessel Name: BUZZARD BAY (Refrigerated Cargo) 10381 GT

IMO No: 9016662
Flag: Netherlands Antilles
Company: Seatrade Groningen BV
Classification Society: American Bueau of Shipping - ABS
Summary: Released on 01/12/2005. 25 recorded deficiencies, 1 detainable. Detained for ISM related deficiencies (maintenance of the ship and equipment).


Date & Place of detention: 31/10/2005 - Ipswich
Vessel Name: GRENLAND (General Cargo) 1900 GT
IMO No: 7015286
Flag: Dominica
Company: SA Shipping Ltd. Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Classification Society: Polski Rejestr Statkow
Summary: Released on 03/11/05. 10 Recorded deficiencies (2 detainable). Reserve source of energy for GMDSS radio equipment deficient. Some charts not corrected and up to date.

Date & Place of detention: 08/08/2003 – Tyne
Vessel Name: GLORIA (General Cargo) 657 GT
IMO No: 6523107
Flag: Estonia
Company: Timant Ltd, Tallinn, Estonia
Classification Society: None
Summary: Still under detention at the end of October. 57 deficiencies recorded prior to inspection being suspended. Vessel unsafe due to condition of ship’s hull structure, deck transverse beams holed with corrosion, numerous side frames distorted due to operational damage, vessel fails to meet the stability requirements for a vessel loading bulk grain, evidence of insect infestation in cargo hold.

Date & Place of detention: 26/10/05, Aberdeen
Vessel Name: ROSITA (General Cargo) 2316 GT
IMO No: 7605873
Flag: Antigua & Barbuda
Company: Lubeca Marine GMBH
Classification Society: Germanischer Lloyd - GL
Summary: Detained for 9 days in total, released on 03/11/05. 9 recorded deficiencies (4 detainable). Detained for poorly maintained cargo lashing equipment (not as required in securing manual), no record of testing of lashing or lifting equipment, document of compliance for dangerous goods not available, fire doors tied open.

Date & Place of detention: 05/09/2000 – Lowestoft
Vessel Name: OLIVER FELIX (Tug) 144 GT
IMO No: 5281128
Flag: Honduras
Company: General Maritime Ltd, London
Classification Society: International Naval Surveys Bureau - INSB
Summary: Allowed to sail to Southampton for scrapping and re-detained on arrival, (27/02/03). 50 recorded deficiencies. Magnetic Compass deviation card missing, daylight signals missing, excess oil in engine room constituting a fire hazard, ship’s certificates expired. Ship still under detention but now sold on and undergoing refurbishment.

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