Monday 28/11/05

Today dawns cold with some snow showers passing through. They leave a thin layer of snow on the ground, which stays. Outside temperature does not feel desperately cold, although it can't be much above freezing. Sun peeps through the shower clouds. Things clear up as the morning progresses. By 11.30 we have a rain shower, as shown by the rainbow. MV Muirneag sails into port at that time, 4 hours later than normal. Empty by the look of her. Cannot see it very well against the low sun. As the afternoon progresses, the showers virtually disappear. Skye has had a good helping of snow, 3 inches. Night falls at 4 pm, after which not a lot else happens. Watch a heart rending report about the way cats are being treated in China. Their fur is used for making furcoats! Paul McCartney is all up in arms about it. I say: stop wearing fur!
Click here for BBC report

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