Monday 19/12/05

Bright morning following overnight rain, albeit cloudy. I told one person who was interested in the webcam to check it out after 9.10 GMT, and they're duly there, admiring the sunrise and the arrival of MV Muirneag into port. Rainshowers follow later in the afternoon. Go into town at 1 o'clock, when it's heaving with schoolkids. Christmas cards have virtually sold out, except for some horrible ones. Receive some feedback on my Geograph & History series on the BBC Blog. The trucker is repairing his vehicle, which gives rise to some strange images on his webcam. My webcam attracted several hundred viewers over the weekend, but the interest seems to be waning now that everybody is back at work. A bad powerdip switches off the computer at around midnight.

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ADB said...

Hi! I seem to be having trouble figuring out time frames, where you are. Each time I link into your webcam, I only get darkness. Actually, today I couldn't even get connected at all. But that's probably due to the time. If you could help me figure out my time as opposed to your time, it would really help a lot. I do enjoy the night lights though.
Thanks for any help you might give regarding this matter.
Comment from yankeygr - 21/12/05 01:45