Tuesday 29/11/05

Quiet and peaceful this morning. Muirneag sailed last night with a fair few lorries, but returned empty. A Norwegian yacht was expected in, which had sailed through the North West Passage (around Northern Canada) over the last two years. Weather is cloudy but with some clearances. Still chilly, only +2C at 10 a.m.. See some nice webcam images of snow covered Skye. After lunch, I take mrs B for a walk from the Iolaire Monument back to Newton, 2¼ miles / 3.8 km. It's a high point with very nice views. The Clisham range peeps over the Arnish hills, all in white. Skye is not properly visible, due to showerclouds. A shower passes over the mainland hills, leaving them whiter than before. The ferry can be seen heading for Loch Broom, to the north of Ruadh Reidh. In the bay south of the Braighe, a cargoship is lying with quite a serious list. Didn't bring the binoculars with me, but can make out that the coastguard tug is in attendance. Mrs B has not previously visited the monument. As we make our way down, a yacht with a Norwegian flag sails past, heading into port. I learn that this is the Jotun Arctic, which I referred to earlier. The cargoship slowly manoeuvres around Holm Point, where it takes a pilot on board. We make our way through the bogs and briar to Stoneyfield Farm. A novel experience for mrs B, and at times a helping hand is required. She manages the gates, has qualms about the banks of seaweed and the gravel, but all is well once we reach the road at Lower Sandwick. She points out which people live in which house. She used to live in this village until 1972. We return to Newton at 4pm. The timberboat, still listing, has now manoeuvred alongside the ferrypier. In the evening, mrs B's sister calls in as she is leaving for Tyneside tomorrow.

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