Wednesday 07/12/05

Another nice, sunny morning, with clouds increasing gradually. There is quite a strong easterly wind going. I hang up a few birdfeeders in the trees behind the house I'm staying in. Starlings, sparrows, blackbirds, finches, thrushes, robins - all flock in. They only take a minute or two to figure out how to get to the peanuts and seeds. Isles FM are on automatic all morning, because nobody has turned up to present the breakfast show Duisg (7.30 till 10) or its subsequent program until 11. Mrs B's grandchildren turn up for lunch, which fills the kitchen up. I complete typing up the first part of this weblog, which spans the dates August 11 to October 7, 2004. It is known as Northern Trip - The Start. By lunchtime, it has turned overcast. In the evening, I assist mrs B in getting the Xmas decorations down from the attic. In amongst the stuff of years lies a corroded old barometer, which is not working. A few bits and pieces are missing from its mechanism.

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